Seminole Custom Chokes

 Because the relationship between the choke tube and the barrel determines the actual constriction of your shot, thus affecting your pattern, Seminole Custom Chokes are sold by the ACTUAL bore diameter of your gun - not by the manufacturer's average bore measurement. Since all shotgun bores are not the same, Seminole has led the way with the patented custom choke with an external color coding system to further advance the competitive shooter.

Seminole Custom Chokes are of the highest quality, precision crafted with heat-treated stainless steel to accurately fit your barrel bore. To obtain the desirable pattern density, the shot load traveling through the barrel and into the choke tube itself should be a smooth transition to eliminate damaged pellets. This cannot be accomplished with a choke based on an average or standard bore measurement.

The ¾" extended screw-in chokes are easy to identify because of their color identification ring. They are knurled for easy handling without requiring a wrench - just hand-tighten.

Competition Series --


Seminole Custom Chokes (12ga, 20ga & 28ga)
Available for the following types of guns
(Beretta Mobile, Browning Invector, Browning Invector Plus, Kreighoff, Rizzine, SigArms, Remington, SKB, Perazzi, Caesar Guerini, Marrochi, FabArms, Yildiz, Ruger & Seminole Series Chokes)
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$ 49.95 Oxide $ 54.95


Special Seminole Custom Chokes
(SG2, Beretta Optima, Beretta Optima Plus & Special Orders)

    Oxide only $ 60.00


Seminole Competition Chokes (12ga & 20ga only)
Available only for the following types of guns
(Beretta Mobile, Browning Invector, Browning Invector Plus, Remington & SKB)

Silver $ 34.95 Oxide $ 39.95

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